You are honestly one of my favorite bloggers. I suffer from depression too, I've been to therapy a couple times but I quit. I just have a hard time talking to people about what I'm feeling. I usually just write. So now like most things, I'm toughing it out. You are a great writer, and I can usually relate to what you write. I don't know if you do song lyrics, but hopefully I'd get to meet you one day and we'd become friends and we'd get to work together.

Thanks anon I really appreciate it. Seems like we’re both similar. I would talk to my mom or a close friend of mine. But ultimately, I would just write it down in my journal, notes on my phone, or type it out on here. It’s my therapy and way of letting it out. By putting it in words, but sometimes there are no words to describe how we feel at times. I just tough it out and move at my own pace. I actually would love to write songs and what not. Although that has to wait. Maybe we could work on something together. Sounds like a plan. Hope your day goes well anon. Looking forward to that day.

Went on a walk with this cutie.

Ab-Soul - Closure
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Things just ain’t the same no more.

The only thing that’s been helping me with all this stress is skating. It’s like I’m in a different world, and I don’t have to think about anything else.

I haven’t had my own personal computer in over a year. I hate writing on my phone because it’s not the same. Everything’s so condensed and I’m not as free to write or type as fast as I think. Lately I just feel like all my mobile posts are junk. There’s a journal I write in as well, but it’s just not the same either.

one person who you enjoy talking to?

My sister’s bf, technically they aren’t really together atm. But I consider him family, a brother to me. He’s a really intelligent and bright guy who has lots of character. He’s chill and funny as well. We have common interests and hang out a lot. I wish my sister and him were back together and things were normal again. It’s funny because I was never close to any of my siblings. Although when I met him I started to hang out with my sister more and get to know her better. I know he’s a good guy and great for her, but things aren’t always picture perfect. I can talk to him about anything. There’s lots of depth to our conversations.

Didn’t realize how high I got on that inward feel. Fml