Surprised her with flowers and a card. I even let her drive me around and trusted her with the key aha. We were able to get breakfast burritos in the morning, boba and panda for lunch (:

Surprised her with flowers and a card. I even let her drive me around and trusted her with the key aha. We were able to get breakfast burritos in the morning, boba and panda for lunch (:

No disrespect but I'm a little confused. Just a few weeks ago I thought you said you were done with that girl? What changed your mind?

Yeah you’re right. I say this and that on my blog. It’s what I come here to let out and unleash what’s been stressing me out etc. I tend to let some things get the best of me. And she knows this very well. But overall, I have better intentions, greater ambitions, and endless goals. Some things I do say I actually mean. But when I’m level headed and not thinking hot like a coal on fire.. I know what I want.

What I always say and try to keep in mind is that.. We cannot always change the situations we’re in, we can only choose how to deal with them. And that’s what is important to me even when I have the worse day or we get into the worse fights. I’ll never give up on her, ever. When I’m determined and have my mind to it. I’m unstoppable. People change, grow, become more wiser, or even the opposite. I just want to be happy. And I’ll do what it takes. And she makes me happy.

So why leave? There’s way more good and positive outcomes and experiences compared to the negative ones. If something or someone is worth it, then it’s worth it. I don’t have any regrets. I’m just trying to live life the best that I can. We’re only on this Earth once and live one life. So why not make the most out of it instead of complaining or doing crap about it. She’s a blessing in every way. I must not make the mistake of ever believing that things aren’t worth it or saying I deserve better. Or else I’ll never get anywhere. It’s not about finding someone new to love, but loving the person you found. And loving them in more ways than one. That’s what she has shown me. And for that, I just want to continue to grow with her instead of destroy and rebuild a new picture. I’m content right now, and only continue to be more happy. That’s what matters to me. Thank you Justyce.

My girl is so freaking awesome. I was able to see her two times this week even though I don’t live as close. I’m still a little over two hours away, but I don’t care. It’s so worth the effort and being able to see her even if it means for a few hours. I love her so much. Not only were those two days perfect, she’s endlessly amazing. She even drove me around for a change and I was able to relax! She’s a good driver by the way aha. What took me more by surprise she asked to play a song and started to play collars greens by Schoolboy Q!!! She even knew the lyrics which is, wow. She’s also seen him perform and went to Paid Dues too! Not only that, but she watches Sons of Anarchy as well! I used to think we were different, but that’s not always the case. It’s always an adventure when I’m with her. My life will never be boring if she’s in it. I’m always finding new reasons to love you. Thank you for a wonderful an amazing week. We were also able to get boba and have lunch together (:

If I was your best friend, I want you around all the time. Best friend 💙

If I was your best friend, I want you around all the time. Best friend 💙

It’s as if we’re both in our own worlds. And yet we cannot find life no matter how hard we look. And even though there’s signs of elements that provide us proof that these events happened. That we actually existed. You cannot bring back something once it’s already dead. And that’s how I feel right about now. Lifeless and dead.

You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word “sorry.”
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And it came true..

And it came true..

You were the light before the thunder. I would clap and count the number, of how many miles you were away. I would wait for you patiently each day. But within a matter of seconds you were gone before I could see what happened. Before I could even react or respond. Because we all know light travels faster than sound. Always asking myself where you went; always looking around. I would see the door shut, I would hear it closing. But you were gone without me even knowing

You are 4 summers away

three songs ahead

two kisses apart

and one heart break too many. 

You are my favorite book 

but we were always on different pages

You always wanted to skip to the end

but I wasn’t ready to put down the book.

I already know what happens

I’ve read this story a thousand times

But I say your name as if 

they’re the only lines I know

The only highlighted part on the page,

was you. 

The only thing that stood out in my life.

And never did I want to turn the page..

because that would mean

I’d be one page closer to the end,

and I wasn’t ready for that..

I would never be.

You were the piece to my puzzle that completed this picture. And without you, I feel like everything is missing. As if a black hole developed in the places you’ve kissed. In all the areas that you’ve touched, I now have bruises and scars. You’ve spilled your paint and I’ve spilled my blood. This is nowhere near a pretty picture. Never have I let anyone so close behind these walls. So vulnerable. So gullible. So enchanting. Your words had casted a spell on me and I believed them. And now it’s past midnight and I feel like everything has changed. Asking myself how did this all happen and where did it all go? You were in the grasp of my hands yet I managed to lose you. I have too many worn out creases running through these palms from reaching out to people who won’t admit they need a helping hand. On people I’ve been trying to hold on to.. but the creases only get deeper. And I cannot hold on forever. Sometimes you have no choice but to let go.